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    Webseries are becoming increasingly popular amongst lesbian and bisexual filmmakers because it gives the filmmaker the freedom to make the stories that they want to, without the constraints of having to make what a television programmer thinks the audience wants to see.

  • Avocado Toast
    1 season

    Avocado Toast

    1 season

    After a lifetime of dating men, Molly (31, a grade eight teacher) surprises herself when she falls in love with a woman for the first time. When she finds the courage to come out as bisexual to her suburban parents, they empathetically reveal their own admission - they're swingers and throw sex p...

  • 3030
    1 season


    1 season

    3030 chronicles the lives of two platonic lesbian roommates living in modern day Las Vegas. Coined as the "Adult Disneyland" Zola Carter moves back to begin her new life after her divorce from her wife of 7 years. The majority of the show takes place in the home of Zola's best friend of 20 years ...

  • Starting From Now

    5 seasons

    Starting from scratch has never been easy. Obstacles along the way test our courage, and if we are brave enough, we will learn to be thankful and value the good things in our lives. Steph is presented with a job opportunity in a new city. But when Steph falls for Darcy, unaware that she is her fr...

  • 30 Series
    1 season

    30 Series

    1 season

    Three queer, southern millennials tackle life altering choices after hurling through a quarter life crisis straight into their 30's.

  • Passage the series

    1 season

    Passage is an episodic paranormal sci-fi drama centered around Janus Agent Ali Prader. This queer mom is a top paranormal operative for a secret division called Caelus within the government. They rely on her special capabilities to handle the different situations which can arise from interacting ...

  • As We Are
    1 season

    As We Are

    1 season

    'As we are' is an LGBT+ web series set in Brighton, about love, friendship, identity, and the complexities of attraction.

    Find out more about As We Are on the LesFlicks Film Database: https://www.lesflicks.com/film/film-database/as-we-are/

    LesFlicks is still a very...

  • Dyke Central
    1 season

    Dyke Central

    1 season

    The first season sees Alex attempting to sustain her dysfunctional relationship with girlfriend Jackie, in the face of new life options and the resurfacing of an old flame. Gin, on the other hand, is an upbeat chameleon whose identity changes with every new interest and tends to lose herself in o...

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