Short Films

Short Films

Short films are great to watch when you don't have a lot of time. They are perfect for breaking up monotonous tasks, watching in between your favourite show on TV instead of the adverts, or before you go to bed to relax.

Traditionally short films are very hard to cover costs. However they are great for interesting stories, seeing what potential a filmmaker has for future work and it is essential we support lesbian and bisexual women filmmakers so that they can make more content.

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Short Films
  • Maricruz

    When her devoutly Catholic mother walks in on her and her girlfriend, a 15-year-old girl is sent to the local church to undergo conversion therapy; while there, she discovers the priest who runs the program harbors a dark secret and fights to expose him.

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  • Counting

    In 1951 Violet and Milly make a love promise over a penny. In 2015, the promise comes due, and Violet must face a heartbreaking reality.

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  • The World Can Wait

    Vic is a popular lesbian character in a hit television series. Her mission: to save humanity against evil. But when she finds herself trapped in a room with the people in charge of the show, she has to fight for her own survival.

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  • Forbidden

    Jessica meets Kassandra in a Bible study, little does she knows Kassandra will be the love of her life. Kassandra has to decide between her family or her true love. Hearts will be broken, years will pass and Jessica will tell her story.

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  • Silience at L FEST 2017

    A mindfulness personal message to each of us on the planet...slow down, pause and discover "Silience"

    A powerful social impact message of peace with original sound track based on the famous poem by Dorothy Oger "We shall stand for Love" to spread a global movement to inspire 7.6 billion people t...

  • I Still Love You

    How long does a passion last and how far can it take us?

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  • Planet Love - Lesbian Short Film

    A cute lesbian gets the surprise of her life when an unusual young woman visits the shop where she works!

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  • Shelby's Vacation

    Shelby sets out from L.A. on a much-needed vacation to mend her heart from its latest unrequited crush and ends up at a rustic mountain resort where she meets manager Carol, who has her own memories that are getting in the way of creating a real relationship. Their casual vacation encounter turns...

  • Children Alike (Lika Barn)

    Johannes introduces his new girlfriend Wilma to his sister Hanna. However, Wilma and Hanna are anything but strangers.

    Contains English subtitles

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  • Shaping Scars

    ‘Shaping Scars’ takes the viewers on a journey with two girls who once loved each other, but while one is able to embrace herself openly (and therefore their relationship), the other is struggling to step into the light and shake off her demons. They love, they hate, they are passionate, intimate...

  • Why We Need A Pride - An LGBT+ Short Film

    Short inspiration film set to a poem about why LGBT Pride is important to say thanks to human right’s campaigners and to show solidarity. Dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Orlando attack.

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  • Woman Power

    Action film set to a poem promoting equality for women, men, LGBTQ, disabled and able bodied people of all ages.

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    LesFlicks is still a very new platform. We have gathered a grea...

  • The Visit

    Emily Hunter, a filmmaker in Toronto, has tried to move on with her life after breaking up with her longtime girlfriend, Andi. But when Andi sends a birthday card and suggests that Emily visit her in LA for a weekend, the two are forced to confront the decision that Andi made to leave Emily for a...

  • Holiday Help Desk

    Lauren Windsor and Christina Wu both end up working on Christmas Eve, but when Christina calls IT for help, she and Lauren hit it off over their mutual disappointment in dating and a love of movies. When Christina finally gets off work and asks Lauren on a date, Lauren still has to work, but Chri...

  • Life At Home

    Riley and Zoey are committed to each other, but Riley struggles to commit to making a life changing decision. A love letter to a partner deciding to transition.

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  • Only One

    Sometimes you need a reminder that your life matters.

    Subtitles: English and Spanish

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    LesFlicks is still a very new platform. We have gathered a grea...

  • Love on the Cards

    On the way to a job interview, heavy snowfall forces Tess (Tippy Elgar) to seek cover. She heads to the nearest place available – a Tarot and Tea shop – for shelter, totally unaware that what is revealed in the cards for her future is just the beginning.
    When Tess first encounters the mysterious...

  • Camp Belvidere

    Camp Belvidere is the story of camp leader Rose and how her friendship with Gin, the camp nurse, evolves into a passionate love affair.

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  • The Date

    Lizzy and Olivia might be total opposites when it comes to careers and dress sense, BUT they do have one thing in common… they both swiped ‘right’ on each other.

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  • Life and the Art of Lying

    Synopsis: Charlie, a bubbly queer artist, heads into a new year surrounded by her closest friends. But her plans for carefree fun are dashed when she is suddenly confronted with a health crisis. Not wanting to burden those she loves with her news, Charlie lies repeatedly to cover up the severity ...

  • Lesflicks Trailer

    Introducing Lesflicks - a community owned platform offering you lesbian and bisexual film

  • Unconditional

    Hope and Amy have been through it all just like any other couple. But, can Amy lean on her unconditional love as Hope battles with the hardest decision of her life?

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  • Will You Merry Me

    A young woman must overcome a series of bizarre obstacles in order to pop the question at the most wonderful time of year.