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I Still Love You

Rent a short film • 5m 47s

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  • Forbidden

    Jessica meets Kassandra in a Bible study, little does
    she knows Kassandra will be the love of her life.
    Kassandra has to decide between her family or her
    true love. Hearts will be broken, years will pass
    and Jessica will tell her story.

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  • The World Can Wait

    Vic is a popular lesbian character in a hit television series. Her mission: to save humanity against evil. But when she finds herself trapped in a room with the people in charge of the show, she has to fight for her own survival.

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  • Silience at L FEST 2017

    A mindfulness personal message to each of us on the planet...slow down, pause and discover "Silience"

    A powerful social impact message of peace with original sound track based on the famous poem by Dorothy Oger "We shall stand for Love" to spread a global movement to inspire 7.6 billion people...