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  • Most Watched Films - June 2020

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    The top 5 most watched films in June 2020.

  • More Beautiful For Having Been Broken Trailer


    Synopsis: Enchanting 10 year old Freddie, with special needs, bring his burdened but devoted mother, Samantha and new comer McKenzie together, where they discover love and passion, a salve to their deep wounds as characterized by the Japanese term “Kintsukuroi” – more beautif...

  • Pastry



    Pastry is a short film about a sweet seduction between an imaginative baker, who sees cakes as metaphors for different personalities, and an overweight businesswoman with a seriously sweet tooth.

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  • I Can't Think Straight

    Amid unchanging cultures and unforgiving religions, two women find love unexpectedly and intensely. Tala is a young Palestinian businesswoman based in London. Her family is affluent and important in Jordan. Being engaged on four occasions, Tala has led a hard life, concealing her true self from f...

  • Will You Merry Me?

    A young woman must overcome a series of bizarre obstacles in order to pop the question at the most wonderful time of year.

  • Once Upon A Zipper EXTENDED CUT

    Synopsis: Rachel can't stop herself from falling in love with Paulie, the woman who helps her try on wedding gowns.

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  • Bonfire

    While chaperoning a college theater party, two teachers struggle to find the courage to embrace their feelings for one another. A lyrical short film exploring the complexity of new love, based on a poem by Andrea Capere.