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Coming Soon

Coming soon is a teaser of what is to come. As a lesbian platform it is difficult to get support and promotion so we rely on word of mouth within the community. The more subscribers we have, the more content we add so please tell your friends & encourage
them to also subscribe to this platform!

50% of your subscriptions go straight out to film owners in royalties based on views and 25% will go into a grants fund from 2020 to help support future films. We are a unique platform because we are 100% women content and we offer a transparent royalty programme without hidden costs. We are working hard to ensure filmmakers get more back for the content they create.

Thank you for your support!

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Coming Soon
  • Seeing Glory Trailer

  • Pleasure Seekers Trailer


    Synopsis: Adreena Angela performs as two characters on the opposite ends of a telephone line, heating each other up with next level dirty talk and naughty thoughts. Pleasure Seekers plays homage to sexual satisfaction in form of masturbation and reminds us of the importance of self...

  • Life and the Art of Lying Trailer

    Synopsis: Charlie, a bubbly queer artist, heads into a new year surrounded by her closest friends. But her plans for carefree fun are dashed when she is suddenly confronted with a health crisis. Not wanting to burden those she loves with her news, Charlie lies repeatedly to cover up the severity ...