Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast

10 Episodes

After a lifetime of dating men, Molly (31, a grade eight teacher) surprises herself when she falls in love with a woman for the first time. When she finds the courage to come out as bisexual to her suburban parents, they empathetically reveal their own admission - they're swingers and throw sex parties. Meanwhile, Elle (33, a creative director) is reeling after learning her parents are divorcing and her mother, who also happens to be her boss, had an affair with a dude young enough to be Elle's brother.

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Avocado Toast
  • Avocado Toast the series S01 E01

    Episode 1

    Molly returns home to her old roommate and best friend Elle's home after two years. Nothing has changed - except everything. Molly has met someone abroad and it isn't who Elle is expecting. Elle realizes her parent's impending divorce is so much more than she thought.

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  • Avocado Toast the series S01 E02

    Episode 2

    Molly finds herself in her personal nightmare - subbing in for the sex-ed teacher for a grade 6 class while trying to deny her own sexuality. Elle hatches a plan to fix everything.

  • Avocado Toast the series S01 E03

    Episode 3

    A team-building Samba Samba class at Patricia and Elle's advertising agency turns competitively violent. Fighting depression, Molly is hiding from the world and decides to venture out of the house incognito when she has a run-in with a disgruntled parent on the PTA.

  • Avocado Toast the series S01 E04

    Episode 4

    Molly finally comes out to her mom and admits that she's been suspended from school for two days. When she accidentally eats a bag of edibles it takes her on a wild, wild ride into her subconscious and the courage she's been lacking.

  • Avocado Toast the series S01 E05

    Episode 5

    Molly calls The One. Elle's discussion with her mom blows up in her face. Molly decides she and Elle need a self-care retreat.

  • Avocado Toast the series S01 E06

    Episode 6

    road trip with a broken car and broken hearts in search of Roger. Molly and Elle arrive at Elle's family cottage to discover Roger has 'gone fishing'. Molly and Elle are forced to indulge in their friendship with a bonfire, champagne, and a bag of marshmallows.

  • Avocado Toast the series S01 E07

    Episode 7

    The harsh light of the morning reveals some harsh truths. Elle takes off back to the city and Molly is left to hitchhike - when Roger returns and saves the day.

  • Avocado Toast the series S01 E08

    Episode 8

    Meredith and Francis stage an intervention and try to get Patricia and Hunter back together. Molly arrives at her parent's house and walks into what appears to be a full fledged swinger party.

  • Avocado Toast the series S01 E09

    Episode 9

    Molly confronts her parents and steals the car. Jake cooks Elle dinner, and Elle finally cracks.

  • Avocado Toast the series S01 E10

    Episode 10

    Elle makes a big decision, Molly finally takes a big risk, and their friendship is hanging in the balance.