6 Episodes

3030 chronicles the lives of two platonic lesbian roommates living in modern day Las Vegas. Coined as the "Adult Disneyland" Zola Carter moves back to begin her new life after her divorce from her wife of 7 years. The majority of the show takes place in the home of Zola's best friend of 20 years Tyler Smith. In addition to their living space the 30 year old besties will find themselves in the Las Vegas Night life, cafes, and other landmark Las Vegas attractions. Loosely based on actual events.

  • 3030 S01 E01

    Episode 1

    Zola comes home to reunite with friends Tyler and Lem after a failed marriage. Zola and Lem find it to be fun to go hang out, as Tyler prefers a quiet night at home.

  • 3030 S01 E02

    Episode 2

    Z and Ty are learning to share space and co exist. Ty is used to having things her way, and is trying her hardest to adjust to Z’s life. One night Z leaves to go on a date and Ty goes to bed before Z returns home.

  • 3030 S01 E03

    Episode 3

    Z and Lemuel make the decision to make an online dating profile for Ty. After baiting several potential dates Z secures a blind date for Ty without T’s knowledge.

  • 3030 S01 E04

    Episode 4

    Hello Rocky! Tyler's past returns in her face as Zola invites Rocky to spend some time with her and Tyler

  • 3030 S01 E05

    Episode 5

    One night Z is preparing for a date and realizes she has booked 2 dates for the same night. Ty is home relaxing as Z begs her to assist with her dilemma.

  • 3030 S01 E06

    Episode 6

    Tyler thinks Zola and Leah have unfinished business, all the while Z has her own intervention planned.